Next-generation hygiene

Killing germs and other microbes is easy.  Doing it combined with gentleness and persistence has never been done before, welcome to Byotrol

Byotrol delivers long-lasting antimicrobial protection.  It’s deadly to germs yet harmless to you.

Welcome to the Hygiene Revolution

Byotrol is a revolution in hygiene: it delivers a powerful level of germ protection that not only outlasts all the leading competitors, it does so gently. Companies around the world are benefitting from the power of this innovative technology, which delivers a superior level of antimicrobial control for businesses where hygiene is essential for them and their customers: hospitals, food factories and agriculture as well as leading consumer brands.   What makes Byotrol different from the rest is the combination of its three main attributes:


Byotrol kills 99.9% of germs on working surfaces and hands.

Long Lasting:

Offers 24 hours residual protection for surfaces and 6 hours for hands.


Byotrol is alcohol and bleach-free and has a much lower hazardous chemical rating than the alternatives

Byotrol in business

Byotrol is already helping a number of businesses achieve and maintain the highest level of hygiene. Byotrol can be incorporated into a vast number of products to deliver broad spectrum, long-lasting antimicrobial performance in a much safer and more caring way than previously believed possible. Byotrol is effective on all surfaces and can be formulated in many different forms and formulations which mean it is applicable to a wide number of industries and is already having impact all over the world.