Byotrol's role

Byotrol is a revolutionary hygiene technology developed by a British based company Byotrol plc. Byotrol plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

“It’s not every day you discover a technology that could change the life of every person on the planet.”
Stephen Falder, Byotrol’s inventor


Powered by Byotrol

In the food, agriculture and health care industries there was an obvious and very significant need for appreciably improved antimicrobial performance.

Byotrol was invented in the late 1990’s to help a bakery improve their microbe control. The results were exceptional so Byotrol started on a rigorous process to ensure that the technology was tested, proven and developed to bring this same solution to any business or concern.

It is now approved safe for use in the high need hygiene environments of healthcare, food production, animal welfare and many other environments.

Byotrol works with brand leaders across the globe to ensure everyone has access to this technology. Now products powered by Byotrol are on sale for consumers and extensively used in industry in Europe, Asia, the America’s and Africa.


Development that doesn’t stop

Currently we have a series of new research and development programs for the technology that we believe will form the basis of long-term exciting new developments.

We work both independently and with global expert partners to bring these developments to you.

In our lifetimes, Byotrol will deliver easier, cleaner, safer lives for everyone.