The hygiene revolution

Next-generation hygiene

Byotrol is a hygiene revolution – powerful, gentle and long-lasting.

The silicon chip moment for hygiene

We believe that Byotrol delivers what no other current technology can do; broad-spectrum, long-lasting, antimicrobial control in a much safer and more caring way than was ever believed possible.

From creating an MRSA-free hospital environment to hand sanitisers that protect for hours, Byotrol’s technology is changing the approach to hygiene.


Bleach and alcohol give only short-lived protection

What most people don’t realise is cleaning products, such as bleach and alcohol-based hand gels, stop working as soon as they dry. With no long-lasting effect the field is clear for bacteria and other microbes to quickly recolonize.The staggeringly fast reproduction rates mean that the next day, a single surviving bacterium can have up to 8 million descendants.