The technology explained

Byotrol is based on cationic biocides and hydrophobic polymers which are commonly used under European registration.

A unique structure

Byotrol’s unique technology benefits are primarily due to the ordering and structuring of the individual biocide components within collodial suspensions. We call this an Amphicelle.

The structure of Amphicelles differ from that of biocides in simple solutions and leads to an optimisation of the performance of biocides in both wet and dry conditions. In liquid suspension, the multi-molecular nature of the Amphicelle structure creates a concentrated biocidal dose on single contact for planktonic microbes. Amphicelles give Byotrol its incredible qualities


Residual superiority

On drying, Amphicelles form a surface of uniform distribution nodes of biocides with overlapping zones of inhibition. Due to the large molecule/ polymer elements that form part of the Amphicelle, the biocide components are held in situ in a stable state, giving excellent residual efficacy after drying.

Amphicelles power Byotrol to do what no other technology can deliver: the combination of powerful, gentle and long-lasting protection from microbes.



Proof and accreditations

Byotrol only uses components which are acceptable within the global regulatory framework:
•The products are covered and included in the European BPD & REACH
•EPA and FDA in the United States
Byotrol formulations have been tested against the most stringent test methodologies including BS:EN 1276 Standard, BS:EN 13697 Standard, BS:EN 1650 Standard, BS:EN 14476 Standard, Residual Abrasion Testing methodologies, alongside many other tests.