Food & Beverage

Through its unique anti-microbial technology, Byotrol’s product range offers effective & long-lasting control over a broad spectrum of infectious microbes. Microbes should not build up resistance to Byotrol on account of its dual action i.e. the ability to physically destroy cell walls through surface tension technology while chemically eliminating any new pathogens coming into contact with it.

The product range is particularly well suited to today’s complex commercial food environments with their changing hygiene challenges. Byotrol adds greater value to existing cleaning practices on account of its highly effective, multiple applications throughout any factory, bringing contamination, spoilage, costs and water wastage under more effective control.

Byotrol’s non-hazardous profile (alcohol free, non-flammable, non-corrosive) makes it gentle for staff to use on all factory surfaces: stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised & chrome finishes, rubber and plastics.


Byotrol removes the need for other cleaning products across the entire factory and is alcohol free and not ­flammable.