Micro-organisms pose a truly serious threat to those in the care of Healthcare organisations. The very young, elderly and the sick are all at increased risk of infection from microbes, including both low and high grade pathogens, such as drug resistant strains (superbugs) like MRSA.

Without effective control of these pathogens, healthcare professionals can also be placed at risk by the special demands of their work. Byotrol products are non-hazardous and easy to use, as well as being highly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes. They are ideal products for an extensive range of healthcare situations, from routine environmental cleaning to sanitisation and disinfection.

Hygiene expert, Professor Charles P. Gerba of the University of Arizona, has demonstrated that: “Proper hand washing and the regular use of hand soap or foam hand sanitisers can reduce illness and absenteeism by 30-50%”

Protecting our hospitals: Byotrol is proven to deliver a 33% improvement on overall surface hygiene including environmental MRSA. (reference: